Why choose Southern Coast Spine & Pain Specialists?

As a patient YOU have the RIGHT to CHOOSE your doctors. Choosing the right doctor is important because your health is in your hands. You can make an informed decision by considering what kind of training your doctor has. Are they DOUBLE board certified? Did they complete a highly intensive Anesthesia residency followed by a 1+ year Fellowship and become an ACGME accredited pain specialist? This is the best credentialing obtainable and you deserve the BEST! Other things to consider are word of mouth, patient reviews and how you are treated during your clinic visit.

We can help you with:

  • Dr. Schuyler has over 10 years of specialty training in both Anesthesiology and Pain Management.
  • Dr. Schuyler is DOUBLE BOARD CERTIFIED (ACGME) in Anesthesiology and Pain Management.
  • Dr. Schuyler trained at one of the BEST hospitals in the Country: Northwestern University
  • Dr. Schuyler has a wonderful bedside manner. Our patient’s do not feel like a number and our patients are treated like family. We take time and LISTEN to our patients at each visit.
  • Southern Coast Spine & Pain Specialists is an out-patient clinic that is cost effective, high quality and exceptionally safe. We do not have hidden “facility fees” that are excessively costly. We also have an in-office fluoroscopy suite. This allows for many procedures to be performed the same day as your office visit if your insurance allows.
  • Dr. Schuyler is consistently on time and punctual. You will not have excessive wait times for your visits. No more waiting “hours” for the doctor. Your time is important!
  • Pain Management is a complex medical field that requires up to date expertise of numerous different forms of treatment modalities. At Southern Coast Spine & Pain Specialists we provide COMPREHENSIVE pain management including interventional pain procedures, medication management, and cutting edge advanced therapies.
  • Dr. Schuyler puts his patients first.  Every recommendation is made with the goal of reducing pain and improving your quality of life. He will not order unnecessary tests or coerce patients to have procedures they do not want.
  • Many patients present to us for a second opinion after having unsuccessful pain management procedures and treatments performed at other offices.  Upon Dr. Schuyler’s expert re-evaluation and correct treatment implementation these same patients have dramatic improvement in pain and quality of life.