At Southern Coast Spine & Pain Specialists, we are committed to the highest quality of patient care. Dr. Schuyler is double board-certified and his training at Northwestern combined with his commitment to excellence makes him one of the leaders in the field of pain management.

Procedural Safety:

Southern Coast Spine & Pain Specialists does not use compounding pharmacies for injectable medications. More specifically, we have not and do not use the compounded steroids associated US meningitis outbreak in 2012.

The safety of our patients is a corner stone of our practice and Southern Coast Spine & Pain Specialists only works with FDA-regulated pharmaceutical suppliers. Dr. Schuyler performs all interventional procedures under strict, sterile techniques and rigorously complies with all FDA, CDC, state and federal medical safety guidelines.

Our Narcotic Prescribing Policy:

At Southern Coast Spine & Pain Specialists we understand that there is no one shoe fits all for your unique and individual pain needs. We use a COMPREHENSIVE approach to pain management and usually employs numerous treatment modalities. Pain medications are ONE option to manage pain but does not represent the sole method for pain control. As a board certified pain doctor, Dr. Schuyler is the best provider to safely and effectively prescribe pain medications for your specific pain condition. However, pain medications are not the correct treatment modality for everyone and there is no guarantee or expressed right to narcotic therapy when being treated at Southern Coast Spine & Pain Specialists. If Dr. Schuyler recommends that pain medications be a part of a patient’s treatment plan, we will require the patient to sign and abide by our Narcotic Prescribing Policy.

As part of that policy, we expect the following behavior and responsibility from our patient:

  • Dr. Schuyler will be the only provider prescribing narcotics for chronic pain
  • One pharmacy must be used for narcotic prescriptions
  • Refills for pain medications are only preformed during scheduled office visits. **It is against state and federal laws to call in pain medication prescriptions and we feel to optimize patient safety these medications can only be filled after an office visit.**
  • We will not call in narcotic prescriptions during non – office hours
  • There are no early refills
  • All patients are subject to random drug screening
  • All patients are subject to random pill counts. The patient has 24 hours to report to our practice
  • There will be no alcohol or illicit drug use while taking narcotic medications. Discovery of such via internal or external sources may result in discontinuation of narcotics immediately.
  • Prescription Refill Policies
  • Patients need to give a 48-hour notice for refill requests. No refill requests can be taken after 12 PM (Noon) on Fridays. All patient phone calls or requests will be addressed by a nurse by the end of business each day.

Note: If you are addicted to pain medications and require an addiction specialist or are in need of a short-term or long-term detoxification program, please speak with your primary care physician. Your primary care physician may be able to recommend an appropriate treatment program.