Will a Pain Management Doctor in Summerville, SC, Really Help You?

If you’re in pain, you might think you should take some over-the-counter painkillers and deal with it. You may even ask your primary care doctor about how to address the pain. Maybe you’ve done that already and the pain persists.

Have you considered a pain management doctor? These types of physicians are specialists in pain, so they have expert knowledge and various solutions to help with pain of all sorts. You may be surprised by the many ways they can help.

Our pain management doctors serve Summerville, SC, to provide relief from chronic and acute pain. They are here to help if you haven’t yet tried professional pain management or if the solutions you’ve tried so far weren’t quite effective. Some people think that pain doctors only throw medications at the problem, but in reality, they have many tricks up their sleeves for personalizing your experience and achieving long-term results.

Our physicians provide interventional pain management, which is about finding the source of the pain, managing it from there and preventing the problem from getting worse. This type of pain management is able to address pain right away while also providing ongoing relief through an individualized care plan. It provides an effective way to target chronic pain, while also providing a method of handling short-term, acute pain.

What Types of Pain Do We Treat?

Should you visit a pain professional for any kind of pain you’re experiencing? Our pain management clinic is well-versed in addressing acute and chronic pain from different causes. We can also address pain wherever it is affecting your body.

Common types of pain we treat include:

Lower Back Pain

Pain in the lower back affects many people and can be an ongoing problem. We provide a variety of ways to reduce this pain and improve your body’s mobility and stability. Our specialists are also able to address pelvic pain in this same region.


Some headaches are sporadic and go away with over-the-counter pain medications. Others, like migraine headaches, tend to be more severe and consistent. You may find that regular headache solutions are not as effective for more severe headaches. Our pain clinic works to get to the root of the severe headaches, discern the type of headache, and determine the best treatment plan.


Arthritis is another common source of body pain. Working with a pain management doctor at our Summerville, SC, center can address this type of pain, especially when it is part of an osteoarthritis condition.


You may have experienced an injury due to sports, work, a car accident, or another situation. Injuries can result in acute and chronic pain affecting various parts of the body. We provide tailored solutions to determine the problem area and an appropriate treatment plan.

Spinal Problems

An underlying problem like a bulging disc in the spine, spinal stenosis, or sciatica could be creating pain. Our pain specialists can determine the problem contributing to the pain and then address it at the root to provide pain relief.

Additional Causes of Pain

Our pain services are not limited to the issues listed above. You can communicate with us about any source of pain, especially if it is severe or ongoing pain that is not addressed by over-the-counter methods. We can help if you’re experiencing pain from nerve damage, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and other causes.

How Does a Pain Management Doctor Treat Pain?

What are the treatment methods you can expect from your pain management doctor in Summerville, SC? This is what we offer at our pain management clinic, where we provide experienced pain experts and a range of treatments. We’re ready to provide the solutions that work for you at your pace, adjusting as needed to find the best solution and get you feeling better and better. Please contact us to discuss your pain situation and get started on a solution.

Pain Medications

Yes, our treatment options do include pain medications, which are able to address pain and inflammation. We offer access to both standard types and other options, depending on your needs, goals, and situation. Pain medications can be used temporarily along with some other methods for addressing pain long term.

Physical Therapy

Another solution we have at our pain clinic is physical therapy. Through this treatment, we are able to address muscular issues and injuries that are causing pain and discomfort. Physical therapy provides a non-invasive and natural method of managing pain. In addition to providing physical therapy techniques in-office, therapists can provide guidance for stretching and taking care of your concerns from home to further address current pain and prevent further pain.

Stress Management

Just as stress plays a negative role in numerous health concerns, it can contribute to chronic pain. Our pain clinic acknowledges this problem and works to address it through stress management services. We strive to help you control the stress to reduce the effect it has on pain.

Holistic Pain Management

We know that pain can be complex and that management of it does not always come down to one simple solution. For this reason, our clinic offers holistic pain management that considers your entire situation and views you as a whole person that requires mind, body, and spirit care for complete health and well-being. We consider each situation unique and utilize numerous holistic methods to suit your various needs and goals.

Lifestyle Changes

Our professionals provide education on lifestyle changes that may help reduce pain. For example, a poor diet and being overweight can contribute to pain, so we provide education to combat these issues. In addition, we can offer guidance on exercise and stretching that supports muscular strength and stability, creates improved mobility and flexibility, and otherwise improves the body and reduces pain.


In some cases, we may use this cutting-edge technology to address pain, particularly when you need a more effective solution than other options provide in your situation. This type of surgery focuses on the nervous system to address pain at the source.

Our treatment focuses on the cause, type, and severity of pain. We can work within your goals and preferences, and create an individualized care plan. We aim to work conservatively over time to determine the best method(s), adjust as needed, and provide lasting pain relief. We also adapt and add treatments over time to provide the best effectiveness for our clients.

How Do You Get Started With Pain Management?

Begin by finding a pain management doctor in Summerville, SC, that has knowledge and expertise in pain causes, types, and treatments. Also, make sure the professional can provide customized treatment that can encompass a variety of solutions and fit your personal needs and preferences.