At Southern Coast Spine & Pain Specialists, we provide comprehensive pain management in Charleston, SC. Pain can be debilitating, costing you quality of life and limiting your ability to do the things you love. Our team understands. It’s comprised of neurosurgeons and pain management specialists dedicated to providing you with the most innovative and effective approaches to pain management.

Is Pain Management the Right Decision for You?

You’re frustrated. You have chronic or acute pain that doesn’t get better. You may have tried multiple types of medications and treatments but have yet found a solution that works to control your pain effectively. If you are suffering from pain in Charleston, SC, allow our professionals to provide you with solutions. With years of experience, we’re confident you will get accurate, honest, and clear insight into what can be done to help you.

Our Charleston pain management clinic provides a range of interventional pain management procedures to offer relief. This is done in a modern, welcoming, and comfortable environment. Pain management is designed to help you find relief, but the type of care that’s right for you depends on your condition, the other solutions you’ve tried, and your desired goals.

What Type of Pain Management Treatments Are Available?

Our pain management treatments in Charleston, SC, range widely to include virtually any option that could help you. We create an individualized treatment plan for your needs. This is always based on the location and the cause of your pain, whenever possible, along with the severity of your pain. Initially, our team takes a conservative approach to treatment, giving you the time to determine which pain management technique is best.
From there, we can increase pain management techniques to increase overall success and provide you with:

  • Physical therapy
  • Pain medications
  • Stress management 
  • Holistic pain management

Minimally Invasive Pain Management in Charleston, SC

One of the foundations of the care we provide to our clients is to focus on the most minimally invasive approach possible. That’s important because the less we need to do inside, the less recovery you have. There are situations when more invasive treatment is necessary. When that is the case for you, our team will provide you with the best possible solution.

Let South Coast Specialists Get You Pain Free!

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Pain Management Techniques

Our goal with interventional pain management is to provide relief by controlling the way the brain sends pain signals to your body. Within the central nervous system, a pain signal travels from the area where the pain originates, such as the foot or back, through nerve endings until it reaches the brain, the control center for your central nervous system. Sometimes, those nerve endings develop damage, and that creates a false pain signal that travels to the brain, indicating you have pain even if there is no immediate change or problem. With pain management, we aim to break that communication signal so that your brain is not receiving the wrong message. In doing this, it is possible to significantly reduce your pain levels.

Our diagnostic services work to determine what specific areas are causing the pain, such as pinpointing the nerve endings that are a specific problem for you. Once we do that, we can then apply the right pain management techniques to provide you with effective relief.


Neurosurgery sounds like a complex medical procedure, but it may be one of the most effective solutions to your pain. This is the state-of-the-art medical technology that you need to find the most extensive level of pain relief possible. This surgery, which is a term that applies to any type of surgery related to the nervous system, can help to diagnose and treat injuries and complex medical conditions at the source.

This may include disorders related to the spinal cord, the spinal column, or the brain. In addition, it may apply to peripheral nerves. These are the nerves that travel throughout your body to provide pain signals to your brain. They are important – if you touch a hot stove, you need your brain to get that message, so you move your hand. However, in neurosurgery, we aim to fix the miscommunications and firings of pain signals that are not appropriate.

We can use a range of testing to determine where the injury is along your nervous system. Then, we can target that area with neurosurgery as a way to stop the nerves from communicating improperly. This type of surgery can provide instant and ongoing pain relief in most cases, though some surgeries are less intense and last for a limited amount of time. This type of surgery may help with chronic low back pain, pain from tumors, spinal cord pain, and much more.

Lifestyle Changes Education

Our pain specialists of Charleston, will work with you to understand that your pain may be due to poor lifestyle choices. It’s not hard to see that being significantly overweight, not getting any type of real exercise, and eating a diet that’s not healthy can lead to significant pain. Other times, our clients will spend too much time working their bodies or putting too much pressure on specific areas of their bodies.

Our goal is to find a lifestyle solution if one is available. This is a type of non-invasive procedure, one that can address the underlying cause of your pain. It may include exercise and physical therapy. We may work with you to alter the way you walk or stand if that is creating problems for your pain. Many other times, our pain specialists can offer simple but very effective strategies to help reduce the discomfort you feel. This is a very specialized field and requires one-on-one time with a local pain specialist.

Pain Conditions We Treat in Charleston, SC

How can our pain management specialists in Charleston, SC, help you? After providing you with a full consultation to determine what your needs are, we’ll provide you insight into the specific treatment options that may help. Some of the pain conditions we treat include:

  • Lower back and pelvic pain
  • Bulging and ruptured discs
  • Compression fractures due to osteoporosis
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Sciatica
  • Foot and muscle pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Work injury pain – and much more.

Am I a Good Candidate to See a Pain Management Specialist?

If you have pain that is not improving or that seems to be worsening, we recommend scheduling a consultation with our team. Here’s why. If you have pain that’s long lasting, such as from an injury or illness that’s since healed, it becomes critically important to take action. The sooner you do, the more likely you are to find pain relief. More so, that type of pain is not likely to improve on its own until you take action.

To find out if our pain management specialist can help you, we recommend scheduling a consultation. We’ll talk to you, provide a full assessment, and determine from these diagnostic tests if we can provide you with services. Keep in mind that we do not just provide pain medications. If you are using pain medications and seeking more, that may not be how we can help you. Rather, our goal is to provide you with solutions to the underlying cause of your pain.

Let South Coast Specialists Get You Pain Free!

We’re excited to help you with a diagnosis and custom recovery plan. We have three offices across the Lowcountry for your convenience. Contact us below.

Understanding Interventional Pain Management

The core of the services we offer at Southern Coast Spine & Pain Specialists is one-on-one interventional pain management. Interventional pain management is a term that describes a list of different types of minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Our services are done in an outpatient setting. You will come to our office for care. We can work with you to alleviate acute or chronic pain, as well as pain brought on by treatment for conditions such as cancer. Interventional pain management represents a wide range of therapies in this area.

Types of Pain Management Services Available Right here In Charleston, SC

Within our offices, we provide a range of pain management services. These are individual therapy options that may apply to your situation. After providing a full assessment, our team will talk to you about which therapies and treatment options that may work for you. Our pain management specialists may recommend other types of treatment for you. Some of the additional options we offer to you include platelet-rich plasma therapy to help encourage inflammation reduction and swelling relief. Spinal cord stimulation may help to encourage proper function of the spinal cord, significantly reducing pain. Stem cell therapy can also work to heal the damage to your specific areas of pain, helping to naturally heal the damage using your own stem cells.

Some of these may include the following:

Nerve Root Block Injections

This type of treatment for pain is often related to leg pain, back pain, or pain that stems from another nerve root. As the name implies, we use an injection into the area of the nerve, often where there is damage that is limiting your function and creating the source of your pain. We guide these injections using digital x-rays to ensure they are very specifically placed. Nerve root block injections can provide very effective pain management that lasts for some time and it poses very little risk to you.

Lumbar Sympathetic Block

In this particular treatment, the focus is on managing pain from the back or legs that tends to be extensive. If you have significant pain, this type of block may work well because it helps to apply anesthetic into the impacted area – in the sympathetic nerves. These nerves are those that carry the pain signal from the area to the brain. Once the injection is completed, many people see significant improvement including reduced pain, more mobility, and reduced swelling of the area.

Other Pain Injections

There are various other injections we may recommend for other nerves in other areas of the body. This includes facet joint injections and sacroiliac joint injections. Most work in a similar fashion in turning off the pain signals.

Radiofrequency Ablation

Sometimes, the pain signals are coming from a very specific area that we can pinpoint. If injections are not enough, we may ablate the damaged nerve. This procedure uses harmless radiofrequency to target the specific area of damage. We can then apply the ablation procedure to gently eliminate the pain signals traveling from it. This eliminates the pain.

How Can You Get Pain Management in Charleston, SC?

Our pain specialists are available to you today. The only step you have to take is to call Southern Coast Spine & Pain Specialists now. Let us schedule a consultation and assessment for you. We will then provide you with insight and give you recommendations for treatment that may help. We’re happy to answer any and all of your questions.

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About Charleston, SC

Charleston is the most populous city in South Carolina and the county seat of Charleston County, as well as the major city in the Charleston–North Charleston metropolitan area. The city is located near the geographic center of South Carolina’s coast, on Charleston Harbor, an arm of the Atlantic Ocean formed by the merging of the Ashley, Cooper, and Wando rivers. Charleston was established in 1670 as Charles Town, after King Charles II, on the west bank of the Ashley River (now Charles Towne Landing), once it moved to it’s present location, it quickly became the fifth-largest city in North America.

It was never incorporated during British rule, since its governance was handled directly by a colonial legislature and a governor sent by Parliament. With its foundation as a city in 1783, the current spelling of Charleston was adopted. The state government relocated to Columbia in 1788, yet Charleston remained among the ten largest cities in the United States till the 1840 census because of growth within the interior of the U.S.

During the Civil War, Charleston played a crucial role, both the Union and Confederate Armies fought for dominance as a major city. The Civil War came to an end just a few months after the Union forces captured Charleston. Not only was the war over soon after Charleston’s surrender, it also began there at Fort Sumter.

Top Sites

Fort Sumter National Monument

South Carolina Aquarium

Gibbes Museum of Art

Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site

Charleston has seen some of the greatest housing price appreciation in the country. Over the last ten years, housing values in Charleston have appreciated at an annual rate of 5.85%, putting the city in the top 20% nationally for real estate appreciation. If you’re a home buyer or real estate investor, the city of Charleston has a record of being one of the top long-term real estate investments in the United States.

From Neighborhood Scout 

The best months to visit Charleston are from March to May or September to November, when temperatures are pleasant but not excessively hot. But, hotel costs will probably be pricey, especially around Easter. The murals, sculptures, and other artworks along the route will also provide some colorful outdoor entertainment. The city will certainly be clogged with visitors admiring the architecture, Southern cuisine, and the towns local ghost stories. Visit in the late fall or early winter to avoid high costs and crowds.

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In many areas Charleston is unique. It’s a healthy community in an otherwise unhealthy region of the country. It’s got a lot of theater and music history, turning into a technological wonderland while also bringing new international influence. Modern Charleston has improved the quality of life for many people by boosting income and raising standards in cuisine, education, health and wellness, economic growth, healthcare, and quality of life.