Don’t Let Back Pain Impact Your Quality Of Life

Back pain can cause a lot of discomfort and make it difficult to go about your day-to-day activities. If you’re experiencing back pain, you should consider scheduling an appointment with a back pain doctor in Summerville, SC

Back Pain Treatment In Summerville, SC

Treatment of back pain starts with understanding the cause. Our Summerville, SC, team works closely with you to determine what the underlying cause of your back pain is. Back pain may come from various areas, including the spinal column and discs, muscle damage, ligament damage, or soft tissue damage. Our goal is to determine where the cause of the damage is so we can apply the most effective treatment option.

The back is composed of numerous muscles, ligaments, soft tissues, and bones, each of which has nerves running through it. When any damage occurs, it can result in damage to these nerves. Some of the most common causes of damage include herniated discs, in which the small, fluid-filled sacs located between each of the vertebrae of the spinal column become compacted. This can cause shooting pain, throbbing pain, and limited mobility for many.

We offer a variety of treatment options. Our goal is to help our patients find the treatment that works best for them. If you’re looking for back pain relief in Summerville, SC, we can help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Nerve compression and spinal cord compression can also occur. When there is poor alignment of the spinal column, it can cause significant pain as the nerves are compressed or pinched. This type of pain can be debilitating and severe and is likely to worsen over time.

Neuropathy is another common concern. The nerves suffer from significant damage over time. They do not provide the proper pain signals to the brain, leading to chronic pain. While the pain may not always be significant, it seems to be constantly there.

Our goal with any type of pain treatment is to provide you with relief. Yet, we need to address the underlying cause of your pain as the starting point. Our team provides comprehensive evaluations to determine the underlying cause. We can then use numerous types of interventional pain management methods including chiropractic adjustments, nerve root block injections, and neurosurgery to finally provide you with the pain relief you need. Using the most innovative solutions for pain relief is always our goal.