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SI Joint Pain

As the hype of a New Year fizzles, so does the commitment to New Year’s resolutions! Resolutions like exercising more, eating healthily, losing weight, taking a more active approach to health, etc. The sad fact is that only 8% of individuals that make New Year’s resolutions, actually stick to them! Although these New Year ‘s […]
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Suffering From Headaches?

The World Health Organization states that almost half of adult Americans will experience headaches at some point during their lives, making headaches one of the most common medical complaints. Headaches can be attributed to injury but can also be a result of underlying medical conditions. Headaches are often described as a dull, throbbing, unrelenting pain […]
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Ring in the New Year with Mindful Meditation

Chronic back pain is one of the leading causes of disability in America. Recent 2018 studies have shown that an estimated eighty percent of Americans will experience chronic back pain at some point in their lives leaving these individuals to struggle with independence and reliability. There are numerous treatment options that are beneficial and may […]
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Recipe for a Pain-Free Holiday

As if the holidays weren’t filled with enough havoc, unfortunately, many suffer through the season with painful joints and inflammation. Painful joints and inflammation often derived from arthritis, osteoarthritis, bursitis, strains and tears, or other injuries. Remembering how to manage painful joints and inflammation during the holiday season can be difficult due to excessive traveling, […]
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Meet our Nurse Practitioner, Heather Barnard!

As health care professionals, we must possess unique qualities and characteristics. At Southern Coast Pain Specialists, we aspire to provide the best possible patient care through compassion, communicative ability, endurance, commitment to development, and attention to detail. Compassionate providers have empathy for the pain and suffering of patients, as well as a strong desire to […]
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Tips to Help You Manage Pain During the Holidays

The holiday season can be full of joy, laughter, and cheer! However, those suffering from chronic pain may experience an escalation of their chronic pain symptoms. Managing pain during the holidays can be physically and mentally demanding with parties to attend, gifts to wrap, and memories to make. Holidays often bring extra stress, anxiety, and […]
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