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Meet our Nurse Practitioner, Heather Barnard!

As health care professionals, we must possess unique qualities and characteristics. At Southern Coast Pain Specialists, we aspire to provide the best possible patient care through compassion, communicative ability, endurance, commitment to development, and attention to detail. Compassionate providers have empathy for the pain and suffering of patients, as well as a strong desire to […]
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Tips to Help You Manage Pain During the Holidays

The holiday season can be full of joy, laughter, and cheer! However, those suffering from chronic pain may experience an escalation of their chronic pain symptoms. Managing pain during the holidays can be physically and mentally demanding with parties to attend, gifts to wrap, and memories to make. Holidays often bring extra stress, anxiety, and […]
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Get Back to Work

Unfortunately, work-related accidents happen daily. One of the most common results of a work-related accident is back pain or spinal injury. Studies have shown that work-related back pain or injury is the leading cause of Americans missing work days. Totaling up to 264,000,000 lost work days a year. In some cases, the effects of back […]
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Play it Safe!

  Golf Related Knee Pain There are an estimated twenty-six million golfers in the United States alone. Although knee pain is not the most common issue when playing, it is a possible threat. The game of golf demands flexibility and body mechanics including vast amounts of bending and twisting. As we get older, the cartilage […]
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Low Back and Leg Pain Treatment Options

Overview: The lumbar spine, or low back, is a remarkable construction of interrelating bones, joints, nerves, ligaments, and muscles working simultaneously to provide support, strength, and elasticity. However, this structure is prone and susceptible to low back injury and low back pain. The lumbar spine is so susceptible to low back pain and low back […]
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New Procedures for Knee Pain!

At Southern Coast Pain Specialists we offer the most advanced minimally invasive and cutting edge treatments for all types of joint pain (Knee, Shoulder and Hip). These include steroid injections, viscosupplementation and Radio Frequency ablation (RFA). Please see our blog below about how our RFA treatment could dramatically improve your life and getting you back […]
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